Kubernetes Compute

Hatchery Kubernetes

The Kubernetes integration have to be configured by CDS administrator.

This integration allows you to run the Kubernetes Hatchery to start CDS Workers.

As an end-users, this integration allows:

Start Kubernetes hatchery

Generate a token for group:

$ cdsctl token generate shared.infra persistent
expiration  persistent
created     2019-03-13 18:47:56.715104 +0100 CET
group_name  shared.infra
token       xxxxxxxxxe7x4af2d408e5xxxxxxxff2adb333fab7d05c7752xxxxxxx

Edit the CDS Configuration or set the dedicated environment variables. To enable the hatchery, just set the API HTTP and GRPC URL, the token freshly generated.

Then start hatchery:

engine start hatchery:kubernetes --config config.toml

This hatchery will spawn Pods on Kubernetes in the default namespace or the specified namespace in your config.toml. Each pods is a CDS Worker, using the Worker Model of type ‘docker’.