CDS build using VMware vSphere infrastructure to spawn each CDS Workers inside dedicated VM.


This hatchery spawns VM which obtains IP from DHCP. So first you have to create a DHCP server on your host with NAT if you want to access to the internet. In order to create you have multiple possibilities like create your own VM with a DHCP server configured or if you are comfortable with the VMware tools you can use the NSX system. This system will create DHCP gateway for you.

Also we recommend you to create a VM base that the hatchery will use to linked clone your new VM to execute your jobs. For example in our case we create different VM base with a minimal debian installed in different versions. In order to save your host resources we advice you to turn these VMs off.

Start vSphere hatchery

Generate a token:

$ cdsctl consumer new me \
--scopes=Hatchery,RunExecution,Service,WorkerModel \
--name="hatchery.vsphere" \
--description="Consumer token for vsphere hatchery" \
--groups="" \

Builtin consumer successfully created, use the following token to sign in:

Edit the section hatchery.vsphere in the CDS Configuration file. The token have to be set on the key hatchery.vsphere.commonConfiguration.api.http.token.

This hatchery will now start worker of model ‘vsphere’ on vSphere infrastructure.

Setup a worker model

See Tutorial