Worker Model


The goal of CDS is to start a worker when you need it, which should match all your requirements exactly. In order to scale automatically on demand, it is possible to register a worker model.

The goal of a worker model is to describe the capabilities of a given Docker/ISO image in terms of architecture, pre-installed binaries or libraries.


There are 4 types of worker models:


All registered CDS hatcheries start/kill workers as needed.

Add a worker model

Add a worker model

A user can add a worker model by setting an owner group if user is administrator of group.

A CDS administrator can add a worker model, a worker model pattern and attach it to ‘shared.infra’ group.

What’s a worker model pattern?

A pattern of scripts configuration of CDS workers that CDS administrator create to let users use this pattern when they want to create a worker model. For more information click here.

What’s a restricted worker model?

A shared.infra hatchery can launch all worker models, except ‘restricted’ worker models.

Use case: users can launch their own hatchery. To use their worker models only with their hatchery, they have to set worker model as ‘restricted’.