icon depicting Built with user empowerment in mind

Built with user empowerment in mind

Self-service culture everywhere

CDS has been designed to be used by thousands of projects simultaneously and independently. Project stakeholders are free to decide how to build, test and deploy their software. CDS guarantees project isolation and worker scalability.
icon depicting Designed to grow with your needs

Designed to grow with your needs

Horizontal scalability in its DNA

Need thousands of simultaneous workers to do the job? fear not! CDS will manage that for you! CDS servers are stateless. No shared state. Need more power? just add more servers.
icon depicting Best practices friendly

Best practices friendly

Assists you in your quest toward Continuous Delivery/Deployment

We love the ideas behind Continuous Delivery and we've created a tool that makes the right things easy to do. Build reproducibility, artifact management, feedback loops, etc. are at your fingertips.
icon depicting Microservices' best friend

Microservices' best friend

Build similar projects with the same workflow

The built-in don't-repeat-yourself features help you minimize your effort when you need to build, test and deploy hundreds (thousands?) of projects with a similar workflow. This is especially useful when you are managing a micro-services-based infrastructure.
icon depicting Highly automatable

Highly automatable

Full featured RESTful API

CDS can be fully operated through its RESTful API. The API is used by the CDS's UI but also by the workers. All components speak the same language.
icon depicting Cloud native

Cloud native

Spawn on-demand VMs and containers in the cloud

Unleash the power of the cloud by spawning as much OpenStack and Docker workers as you need.
icon depicting Built-in security

Built-in security

Fine-grained ACLs at every step

In CDS, read and right access can be finely tuned to suit your needs. You can control who can view, edit, build, deploy in staging or deploy in prod.
icon depicting Easily customizable

Easily customizable

Make it yours through plug-ins and actions

You feel like something is missing in CDS ? Just add it.
image depicting an example of Clearly visualize your workflow

Clearly visualize your workflow

CDS provides a super intuitive UI that allows you to build complex workflows, run them and dig into the logs when needed.

Check out the UI tutorial

image depicting an example of Testing data at your fingertips

Testing data at your fingertips

CDS parses the Junit files produced by your build and displays them in a friendly manner to help you analyse what went wrong.

Learn more about the Junit step.

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We welcome all contributions

CDS is open-source and completely free.

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