Bitbucket Cloud

The Bitbucket Cloud Integration have to be configured on your CDS by a CDS Administrator.

This integration allows you to link a Git Repository hosted by your Bitbucket Cloud to a CDS Application.

This integration enables some features:

How to configure Bitbucket Cloud integration

Complete CDS Configuration File

VCS µService Configuration

If you don’t already have any of vcs integrations on your CDS please follow these steps. The file configuration for the VCS µService can be retrieved with:

$ engine config new vcs > vcs-config.toml

# or with all other configuration parts:
$ engine config new > config.toml

Edit the toml file:

$ cdsctl consumer new me \
--scopes=Service \
--name="cds-vcs" \
--description="Consumer token for vcs service" \
--groups="" \

Builtin consumer successfully created, use the following token to sign in:
    maxHeartbeatFailures = 10
    requestTimeout = 10
    ## Consumer Token previously generated
    token = "xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.4Bd9XJMIWrfe8Lwb-Au68TKUqflPorY2Fmcuw5vIoUs5gQyCLuxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

      # insecure = false
      url = "http://localhost:8081"
      url = "http://localhost:8080"

Then add this part to specify you want to add bitbucketcloud integration. Set value to clientId and clientSecret.



        # Bitbucket Cloud OAuth Key
        clientId = "XXXX"

        # Bitbucket Cloud OAuth Secret
        clientSecret = "XXXX"

        # Does webhooks are supported by VCS Server
        disableWebHooks = false

        # Does webhooks creation are supported by VCS Server
        disableWebHooksCreation = false

        #proxyWebhook = ""


          # Set to true if you don't want CDS to push statuses on the VCS server
          disable = false

          # Set to true if you don't want CDS to push CDS URL in statuses on the VCS server
          showDetail = false

hooks µService Configuration

If you have not already a hooks µService configured. Then, as the vcs µService, you have to configure the hooks µService

$ engine config new hooks > hooks-config.toml

In the [hooks] section

In the [hooks.api] section

Start the vcs and hooks µService

As a CDS Administrator

$ engine start vcs --config vcs-config.toml
$ engine start hooks --config hooks-config.toml

# you can also start CDS api and vcs in the same process:
$ engine start api vcs hooks --config config.toml

Vcs events

For now, CDS supports push events. CDS uses this push event to remove existing runs for deleted branches (24h after branch deletion).