Openstack Compute

Hatchery OpenStack

CDS build using OpenStack infrastructure to spawn each CDS Workers inside dedicated virtual machine.

Start OpenStack hatchery

Generate a token:

$ cdsctl consumer new me \
--scopes=Hatchery,RunExecution,Service,WorkerModel \
--name="hatchery.openstack" \
--description="Consumer token for openstack hatchery" \
--groups="" \

Builtin consumer successfully created, use the following token to sign in:

Edit the section hatchery.openstack in the CDS Configuration file. The token have to be set on the key hatchery.openstack.commonConfiguration.api.http.token.

Then start hatchery:

engine start hatchery:openstack --config config.toml

This hatchery will now start worker of model ‘openstack’ on OpenStack infrastructure.

Setup a worker model

See Tutorial