Gerrit Repository Manager

The Gerrit Repository Manager integration have to be configured on your CDS by a CDS Administrator.

This integration allows you to link a Git Repository hosted by Gerrit to a CDS application.

This integration enables some features:

How to configure Gerrit integration

You will have to create 2 users on gerrit: [How to]

Complete CDS Configuration File

       # URL of Gerrit
       url = "http://localhost:9080"
         # Disable event listener
         disableGerritEvent = false
         # SSH port of gerrit
         sshport = 29418
           # Private key of the user who access to gerrit event stream
           privateKey = "XXXXXXX"
           # User to access to gerrit event stream
           user = "admin"
           # Http Password of the user that comment changes
           token = "XXXXXXXXXX"
           # User that review changes
           user = "Verifier"

See how to generate Configuration File

Start the vcs µService

$ engine start vcs

# you can also start CDS api and vcs in the same process:
$ engine start api vcs