Service Link

The Service Link prerequisite allow you to use any Docker image as a dependency of a job.

This is useful when you want to make some tests with a real database, or put your built application as a job prerequisite for doing some tests.

How to use service requirement

When editing a pipeline job, choose your model as usual, then add a new service requirement (the name you set will be the service’s hostname) and set the Docker image for the service as the value.

When the pipeline is triggered, a worker defined by the model will be spawned with a docker link to the service you defined as requirement.

Environment variables

You can define environment variables of the service by setting requirement value as:

    postgres:9.5.3 POSTGRES_USER=myuser POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mypassword

To define your job’s requirements in the UI, you just have to go to the job’s edition page and click on requirements:

Job’s requirement UI

Then a modal will appear in order to select your requirements:

Job’s requirement modal