Secret Requirement

The Secret prerequisite allows you to require a worker to start with some project’s secrets when those secrets are not automatically injected.

Secret automatic injection can be disabled if a job requires to run in a specific region (using a “Region” prerequisite) that was added in CDS API configuration (key: skipProjectSecretsOnRegion).

The value for the requirement should be a valid regex. In the following example it is used to match both default SSH and PGP keys for a CDS project.

Example of job configuration:

- job: build
  - region: myregion
  - secret: ^cds.key.proj-(ssh|pgp)-test.priv$

Example of CDS API configuration:

    skipProjectSecretsOnRegion = ["myregion"]

Example of CDS Hatchery configuration:

        region = "myregion"
        ignoreJobWithNoRegion = true