Worker Model Docker

A worker model of type docker can be spawned by a Hatchery Docker Swarm or a Hatchery Kubernetes.

Register a worker Model from an existing Docker Image

Docker Image golang:1.10 have a “curl” in $PATH, so it can be used as it is.

Add worker model

If you want to specify an image using a private registry or a private image. You need to check the private checkbox and fill credentials in username and password to access to your image. And if your image is not on docker hub but from a private registry you need to fill the registry info (the registry api url, for example for docker hub it’s but we fill it by default).

Worker Model Docker on Hatchery Swarm

This hatchery offers some features on job pre-requisites, usable only on user’s hatchery (ie. not a shared.infra hatchery).

Job Prerequisites