A CDS Project brings together several entities such as pipelines, applications, workflows, environments. A project also allows to link one or more repository manager such as github, bitbucket, gitlab…

A project is often associated with one or more groups with differents ACLs.


In a company, a project is a collection of a team’s workflows. This allows to release some statistics of use with metadata.

A metadata is composed by a key and a value.

Export CDS Projects:

cdsctl admin metadata project export
## a file export_metadata_projects.csv is created

The file export_metadata_projects.csv looks like :

PRJ_KEY_A;My Fist Project;2019-06-21T17:52:36;foo;bar
PRJ_KEY_B;Project B;2019-06-21T17:52:36;foo;bar2
PRJ_KEY_C;Project C;2019-06-21T17:52:37;foo;bar2

Here, ou1 and ou2 are two metadata keys. You can add more metadata by adding key on the first line and values on lines below.

You can import / create metadata:

cdsctl admin metadata project import export_metadata_projects.csv

Notice that exporting metadata on application & workflows will export metadata from project. On the example above, the metadata ou1 is set on all workflows and applications on the third projects.