Transfer files from/to remote servers using scp through the bastion


This plugin generates a valid helper script for you to use the bastion over scp, read below to learn how to use it.

To be able to use scp over the bastion, you need to have a helper script that is specific to your account on the bastion. This plugin's job is to generate it for you. You can simply run it, and follow the guidelines.

Once this is done, you'll be able to scp through the bastion by adding -S SCP_SCRIPT to your regular scp command, where SCP_SCRIPT is the location of the script you've just generated.

For example, to upload a file:

scp -S ~/scp_bastion localfile login@server:/dest/folder/

Or to recursively download a folder contents:

scp -S ~/scp_bastion -r login@server:/src/folder/ /tmp/

Please note that you need to be granted for uploading or downloading files with scp to/from the remote host, in addition to having the right to SSH to it. For a group, the right should be added with --scpup/--scpdown of the groupAddServer command. For a personal access, the right should be added with --scpup/--scpdown of the selfAddPersonalAccess command.

You'll find more information and examples in SFTP & SCP support.