Add an IP or IP block to a group's servers list


--osh groupAddServer --group GROUP [OPTIONS]

--group GROUP

Specify which group this machine should be added to (it should have the public group key of course)


Host(s) to add access to, either a HOST which will be resolved to an IP immediately, or an IP,

or a whole network using the NET/CIDR notation

--user USER

Specify which remote user should be allowed (root, run, etc...)


Allow any remote user (the remote user should still have the public group key in all cases)

--port PORT

Only allow access to this port (e.g. 22)


Allow access to any port


Allow SCP upload, you--bastion-->server (omit --user in this case)


Allow SCP download, you<--bastion--server (omit --user in this case)


Allow usage of the SFTP subsystem, you<--bastion-->server (omit --user in this case)


Don't try the ssh connection, just add the host to the group blindly

--force-key FINGERPRINT

Only use the key with the specified fingerprint to connect to the server (cf groupInfo)

--force-password HASH

Only use the password with the specified hash to connect to the server (cf groupListPasswords)


Specify a number of seconds (or a duration string, such as "1d7h8m") after which the access will automatically expire

--comment '"ANY TEXT'"

Add a comment alongside this server


--osh groupAddServer --group grp1 --host --user-any --port-any --force --comment '"a whole network"'
--osh groupAddServer --group grp2 --host --user root --port 22