I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym


--osh help

Displays help about the available plugins callable with --osh.

If you need help on a specific plugin, you can use --osh PLUGIN --help, replacing PLUGIN with the actual plugin name.

Note that if you want some help about the bastion (and not specifically about the plugins), you should use --help (without --osh).


You'll notice that plugins are highlighted in different colors, these indicate the access level needed to run the plugin. Note that plugins you don't have access to are simply omitted.

  • green (open): these plugins can be called by anybody

  • blue (restricted): these plugins can only be called by users having the specific right to call them. This right is granted per plugin by the accountGrantCommand plugin

  • orange (group-gatekeeper and group-aclkeeper): these plugins can either be called by group gatekeepers or group aclkeepers. For clarity, the same color has been used for both cases

  • purple (group-owner): these plugins can only be called by group owners

  • red (admin): these plugins can only be called by bastion admins