Add a personal server access on your account


--osh selfAddPersonalAccess --host HOST [OPTIONS]


Server to add access to

--user USER

Remote login to use, if you want to allow any login, use --user-any


Allow access with any remote login

--port PORT

Remote SSH port to use, if you want to allow any port, use --port-any


Allow access to all remote ports


Allow SCP upload, you--bastion-->server (omit --user in this case)


Allow SCP download, you<--bastion--server (omit --user in this case)


Add the access without checking that the public SSH key is properly installed remotely

--force-key FINGERPRINT

Only use the key with the specified fingerprint to connect to the server (cf selfListEgressKeys)

--force-password HASH

Only use the password with the specified hash to connect to the server (cf selfListPasswords)


Specify a number of seconds (or a duration string, such as "1d7h8m") after which the access will automatically expire

--comment "'ANY TEXT'"

Add a comment alongside this server. Quote it twice as shown if you're under a shell.