Database Management

CDS provides all needed tools scripts to perform Schema creation and auto-migration. Those tools are embedded inside the engine binary.

The migration files are available to download on GitHub Releases and the archive is named sql.tar.gz. You have to download it and untar (tar xvzf sql.tar.gz).


On a brand new database run the following command:

$ $PATH_TO_CDS/engine database upgrade --db-host <host> --db-port <port> --db-user <user> --db-password <password> --db-name <database> --db-schema=public --migrate-dir $PATH_TO_CDS/engine/sql/api --limit 0
$ PGPASSWORD=<password> psql -h <host> -p <port> -U <user> -d <database> -c "CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS cdn AUTHORIZATION <user>;"
$ $PATH_TO_CDS/engine database upgrade --db-host <host> --db-port <port> --db-user <user> --db-password <password> --db-name <database> --db-schema=cdn --migrate-dir $PATH_TO_CDS/engine/sql/cdn --limit 0


On an existing database, run the following command on each CDS update:

$ $PATH_TO_CDS/engine database upgrade --db-host <host> --db-port <port> --db-user <user> --db-password <password> --db-name <database> --db-schema=public --migrate-dir $PATH_TO_CDS/engine/sql/api
$ $PATH_TO_CDS/engine database upgrade --db-host <host> --db-port <port> --db-user <user> --db-password <password> --db-name <database> --db-schema=cdn --migrate-dir $PATH_TO_CDS/engine/sql/cdn

More details

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