SDK Golang

Generate a persistent token

There is three ways to generate a persistent token:

conf := cdsclient.Config{
    Host:    "http://your-cds-instance",

client = cdsclient.New(conf)
// replace username and password
ok, token, err := client.UserLogin(username, password)
if err != nil {
    return err
if !ok {
    return fmt.Errorf("login failed")

fmt.Printf("export CDS_API_URL=%s\n", url)
fmt.Printf("export CDS_USER=%s\n", username)
fmt.Printf("export CDS_TOKEN=%s\n", token)

How to use it?

You have to initialize a cdsclient:

cfg := cdsclient.Config{
    Host:  host,
    Token: token,
    User:  username,
client := cdsclient.New(cfg)

and then, you can use it:

// list workers
workers, err := client.WorkerList()

// list users
users, err := client.UserList()

// list workflow runs
runs, err := client.client.WorkflowRunList(...)

Go on to see all available funcs.

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