Add a personal server access to an account


--osh accountAddPersonalAccess --account ACCOUNT --host HOST [OPTIONS]


Bastion account to add the access to


Server to add access to

--user USER

Remote login to use, if you want to allow any login, use --user-any


Allow access with any remote login

--port PORT

Remote SSH port to use, if you want to allow any port, use --port-any


Allow access to all remote ports


Allow SCP upload, you--bastion-->server (omit --user in this case)


Allow SCP download, you<--bastion--server (omit --user in this case)


Allow usage of the SFTP subsystem, you<--bastion-->server (omit --user in this case)

--force-key FINGERPRINT

Only use the key with the specified fingerprint to connect to the server (cf selfListEgressKeys)

--force-password HASH

Only use the password with the specified hash to connect to the server (cf accountListPasswords)


Specify a number of seconds (or a duration string, such as "1d7h8m") after which the access will automatically expire

--comment "'ANY TEXT'"

Add a comment alongside this server. Quote it twice as shown if you're under a shell.

The access will work only if one of the account's personal egress public key has been copied to the remote server. To get the list of an account's personal egress public keys, see accountListEgressKeyss and selfListEgressKeys.

Plugin configuration


widest_v4_prefix (optional, integer, between 0 and 32)

When specified, this limits the size of prefixes that can be added to an ACL, e.g. 24 would not allow prefixes wider than /24 (such as /20 or /16). Note that this doesn't prevent users from adding thousands of ACLs to cover a wide range of networks, but this helps ensuring ACLs such as can't be added in a single command.

self_remote_user_only (optional, boolean)

When true, this only allows to add ACLs with the remote user being the same than the account name, i.e. adding an access to a bastion account named "johndoe" can only be done specifying this very account name as the remote user name, with accountAddPersonalAccess --user johndoe.


Configuration, in JSON format, must be in /etc/bastion/plugin.accountAddPersonalAccess.conf:

{ "widest_v4_prefix": 24, "self_remote_user_only": true }