Generate a new egress password for the group


--osh groupGeneratePassword --group GROUP [--size SIZE] --do-it

--group GROUP

Specify which group you want to generate a password for

--size  SIZE

Specify the number of characters of the password to generate


Required for the password to actually be generated, BEWARE: please read the note below

Generate a new egress password to be used for ssh or telnet

NOTE: this is only needed for devices that don't support key-based SSH, in most cases you should ignore this command completely, unless you know that devices you need to access only support telnet or password-based SSH.

BEWARE: once a new password is generated this way, it'll be set as the new egress password to use right away for the group, for any access that requires it. A fallback mechanism exists that will auto-try the previous password if this one doesn't work, but please ensure that this new password is deployed on the remote devices as soon as possible.