Create a new public + private key pair for a group


--osh groupGenerateEgressKey --group GROUP --algo ALGO --size SIZE [--encrypted]

--group GROUP

Group name to generate a new egress key for.

--algo ALGO

Specifies the algo of the key, either rsa, ecdsa or ed25519.

--size SIZE

Specifies the size of the key to be generated.

For RSA, choose between 2048 and 8192 (4096 is good). For ECDSA, choose either 256, 384 or 521. For Ed25519, size is always 256.


If specified, a passphrase will be prompted for the new key

A quick overview of the different algorithms:

Ed25519      : robustness[###] speed[###]
ECDSA        : robustness[##.] speed[###]
RSA          : robustness[#..] speed[#..]

This table is meant as a quick cheat-sheet, you're warmly advised to do your own research, as other constraints may apply to your environment.